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Built entirely in Newport Beach, California, USA.

Made to order and completely customizable, from color to branding to accessories. Factory direct to consumer business model, meaning no unnecessary markups like those that are placed on imported bikes. All bikes come with a five-year warranty on the battery and a 10-year warranty on the motor and frame.


Electric Bikes of Florida is your Gulf Coast representative for the Electric Bike Company proudly bringing a superior electric cruiser bike to our area.


Electric Bikes of Florida provides complimentary test rides within 90 miles of the Pensacola area. Servicing all the Gulf Coast to New Orleans, including the East Coast to Atlanta, Georgia. Purchasing an EBC bike from Electric Bikes of Florida, we believe in a complimentary orientation providing one on one instruction. 

Electric Bikes of Florida understands when purchasing an EBC bike, owners are making an investment in the quality of their life, so we do not believe in just a delivery, or pick up service - we educate new owners how to get the most of their bikes avoiding any learning curves, and enjoying all the amazing features and detail to quality that a purchase of a Electric Bike Company bike has to offer


When you discover quality, value, outstanding guarantees of 5 year batter, ten year warranty on the frame, made in the USA - Electric Bikes of Florida represents the highest quality beach cruisers made by Electric Bike Company.

Deciding to purchase an electric bike encompasses a wide range of decisions. Electric Bikes of Florida believes that having an opportunity to experience and evalutate the bike is the first step. We encourage you before purchasing any electric bike, to contact us to schedule a test ride to compare cost, quality, and features to other E-Bikes. We believe this gives you the opportunity to explore the best bike for your needs and why Electric Bikes of Florida represents the highest quality beach cruisers made by Electric Bike Company. 

We are looking forward to the opportunity to introduce you to this quality E-Bike. Call, Text at (850) 501-0443 or email us today at to book your test ride!

Easy Riding from here

After a successful career in the restaurant business, Sean Lupton-Smith decided it was time to take on a new venture – one that would create real, everlasting change in the world. Inspired by the power of transportation and mobility, Sean realized electric bikes represent something tremendously special. It opens doors for the non-cyclist, the person who normally would not consider riding a bike because of hills, distance, age, fitness levels or even the simple inconvenience of arriving to work sweaty. An electric bike negates all of those stumbling blocks, motivating non-cyclists, to get on the saddle. Sean began designing and building his e-bike in Newport Beach, 


"I love these bikes!!! Once you test ride one you'll want one! They're made here in the USA and the quality of the build is exceptional! I can't wait for mine to come in! Well worth every penny!!!"

-Erin P.


Make sure to charge the battery for your E-Bike every 2-3 months to ensure maximum longevity on your E-Bike 

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